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Arran fino sherry - distillery exclusive

Arran fino sherry - distillery exclusive

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Arran fino sherry - distillery exclusive



3cl sample


Fino spanish oak




I tried this during a tasting tour at the distillery and thought it was head and shoulders above all the other (high quality) drams I tried. Bought a couple of bottles and opened one at home to see whether I kept a similar opinion, and I certainly did. The nose is incredible. Thick, creamy, rich fino sherry (dark stewed fruits, roast nuts, clotted cream, honey etc) is beautifully balanced by a very high quality spirit (bringing lighter, sweet shop notes, citrus fruits and a hint of something floral). A drop of water further enriched the depth of the nose. Similarly rich, almost chewy, sherry on the palate, but with softer, sweeter elements from the spirit keeping things fresh and complex, not allowing the sherry to become cloying or overpowering. The wonderful, creamy richness continues into the long, lingering finish. A slight hint of youthfulness in the finish is the only thing that stopped me scoring this even higher. This must have been one seriously high quality fino sherry cask! Similar in profile to a recent Kavalan Solist I was fortunate to try, but with even greater depth and complexity. Offering this at cask strength for under £60 is simply fantastic. Hats off to Arran! Great cask selection and a truly wonderful dram...absolutely addictive!

Note: as the bottle emptied, the nose lost some of its richness and immediacy and the youthful underlying spirit became more prominent. A bit of time in the glass and some gentle hand warming was required to release its treats and recreate the nose I got from earlier drams from the bottle. The palate and finish remained relatively unchanged. Score of 91 based on drams from a new/recently opened bottle! When the bottle had been open for 2 weeks and was less than 1/3rd full, score probably closer to 88.