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Balvenie tun 1509 batch 5

Balvenie tun 1509 batch 5

€ 16,50Prijs

Balvenie tun 1509 batch 5

3cl sample

52,6% vol

gebruikt voor deze whisky zijn 10 Bourbon barrels, 8 Sherry Hogsheads, 3 ReFill American Oak barrels, 8 Sherry Butts




  • Nose

    zesty fresh orange and lemon, dried dates, yellow raisins, a touch of leather and autumn leaves, freshly sawn slightly resinous boards, creme brulee, vanilla, lightly burnt oatmeal cookies, increasingly dense and sweet, honey, apricot jam,

  • Taste

    Resin, mint, tree sap, bark, laurel, rosemary, orange, raisins, creamy pudding cheesecake - yellowish fruit - very aromatic with beautiful woody aromas without making it bitter

  • Finish

    dried dates and figs, beautiful long-lasting woody flavors, fresh and minty with hints of pepper