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Edradour Ultimate vW cask strength 2006 9y

Edradour Ultimate vW cask strength 2006 9y

€ 6,00Prijs

Edradour Ultimate vW cask strength 2006 9y


3cl sample


Sherry butt




Very strong and intense whisky, a lot of red fruits and chocolate, a typical sherry bomb, a lot of alcohol influence.
This one can really use some time too 'cool down', leave it in the glass for a while makes it more quiet, less alcoholic yet still very full.
  • Nose

    Dark fruits, prunes, roasted meat, bacon. Some sour notes, intense scent. Some dark chocolate, coffee, and some honey.
  • Taste

    Strong, very intense, very pickering, red fruits, prunes. Later on it gets more quiet, more chocolate now, with a bitter (but not disturbing) alcoholic note underneath.
  • Finish

    Still very strong, pickering, fruity, prunes, chocolate as well. Intense, long finish with even more chocolate.


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