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Laphroaig 10y cask strength batch 009

Laphroaig 10y cask strength batch 009

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Laphroaig cask strength 10y batch 009



3cl sample


Seasoned oak barrels





What kind of stuff! The best Laphroaig 10y CS for years. A pretty complete malt who has everything one would expect from a dram and loves Laphroaig. Again, one thinks again to feel sherry casks, even if it is known only Bourbon barrels. By the way, with the Laphroaig Warehouse Tasting, they also had two completely identical ex-bourbon barrels (same batch, same origin, directly next to one another in the warehouse), which had matured completely differently. The second of them also tasted of sherry, or it is just these barrels that suggest a sherry casks. Great barrel selection! Anyway, at the Laphroaig Bowling tournament a few days ago, he was cutting everything else off, and there was also a Cairdaes from 2008 or 2009.


  • Nose

    Bam, phenols in ya face! Full booming smoke immediately, absolutely Laphi style. After a few moments he becomes more mature and mature, the smoke is now taking on a profile that equals equal hospital, campfire and coal firing in winter. When the wind is good and the smoke of Port Ellen Maltings is pushed down, then Port Ellen smells like that. Below is dark, rich caramel and honeyed barbecue, also a little iodine and granite dust. What a density! Heat increases the intensity again, even more barbecue, some disinfectant and an idea lemon, plus salt caramel and again barbecue. Will be more mineral. Did I already mention barbecue?
  • Taste

    Full, full, sweet, strong start, oak right in front, liquid block malt and salt caramel, to the back also some white pepper and an idea Menthol.
  • Finish

    He is Laaang. At first dry from the oak, but this reduces over time and it is also ashy in the finish, salty sweet. Sticks the stuff in your mouth forever!