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Laphroaig Four Oak

Laphroaig Four Oak

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Laphroaig Four Oak



3cl sample


Ex-Bourbon, QC, Virgin American, European Oak





With that, Laphroaig has really done no favor. He is not under any cannon, but Laphroaig may expect much more. The nose is still quite interesting, but even on the tongue you can tell him an immature youth, which also shows in the very short and actually only smoky finish. Where now exactly the influence of the four different barrels shows - no idea. Too bad that something like that gets cut out.
  • Nose

    Phenolic smoke with lemon flavor. Some stuffy wood in the background. Seaweed. Light and airy for a Laphroaig, but not thin.
  • Taste

    Lemon smoke again, but in a more dilute form than in the nose. Slightly metallic, with the taste of pebbles. A little salt, a little licorice, a bit of honey. But much more will not come then.
  • Finish

    Short. Too short. He leaves after a short time only cold smoke and a metallic aftertaste.