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SMWS 53.242 Honey and vanilla smoke

SMWS 53.242 Honey and vanilla smoke

€ 4,00Prijs

SMWS 53.242 Honey and vanilla smoke

Caol Ila


3cl sample


Refill Bourbon hogsheads




  • Nose

    Quite a lot of vanilla, mixed with smoke. It’s a bit vegetal too. There is a layer of honey. A faint hint of burnt wood. A touch of citrus. When adding water: More vanilla and citrus, but less smoke. It becomes fruitier and fresher.
  • Taste

    Quite some smoke and alcohol burn in the beginning. This is followed by vanilla and honey again. With water: Less harsh and somewhat fresher. Citrus. More vanilla, and less smoke. Some pears here as well.
  • Finish

    The finish is quite long with honey sweetness and it is somewhat dry. There is a hint of tar. A bit ashy too.