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SMWS 54.33 Holidays and honeymoons

SMWS 54.33 Holidays and honeymoons

€ 6,50Prijs

SMWS 54.33 Holidays and honeymoons



3cl sample


Refill Bourbon barrel





N: Another huge CS nose, well rounded and sweet, fruity and creamy also with lovely esters and putty/sulphury undertones [Dalwhinniesque]. Smarties too!
T: Everything is here, a full dram with a swirling profile. Needs only a little water for a grand performance.
F: Follows on perfectly perfectly from the palate, the profile still swirling as it fades.
C: A huge dram with plenty of movement. Its the kind of whisky where you could line up six drams in a row and have six different experiences. Would make for a fun side-by-side mystery dram experiment.