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SMWS 58.26 21st century speyside pizzazz

SMWS 58.26 21st century speyside pizzazz

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SMWS 58.26 21st century speyside pizzazz



3cl sample


Refill Bourbonbarrel





The Panel found curious notes of Fry’s Creams, a lady’s wardrobe and freshly trampled wheat fields at first. This opened up swiftly to include perfumed oak, lemon blossom, marzipan and pink marshmallow. Water revealed strawberry chocolate liqueurs, hibiscus, jasmine tea and a scoop of raspberry ripple ice cream (with wafer). The palate was full of lemon and ginger tea with notes of hot toddy, red lace sweeties, cocktail bitters, lavender oil and nutmeg. Reduction gave us fruit jelly sweeties, lime curd, melon balls, roasted parsnips with rosemary and a wee drizzle of linseed oil.


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