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SMWS 9.122 Daisy chain

SMWS 9.122 Daisy chain

€ 6,50Prijs

SMWS 9.122 Daisy Chain

Glen Grant


3cl sample


Refill Bourbon hogshead





The delicate aromas brought back childhood memories sitting in a park meadow full of flowering buttercups and daisies whilst reading and eating fruit flavoured ‘Love Hearts’, ‘pick n mix’ sweets and vanilla ice cream in a cone with chocolate sauce. Whilst making a daisy chain someone brought us dusted milk bottle sweets, strawberry jelly and warm yummy cinnamon-runny honey drizzle on toast. After a drop of water a little more juicy and fruity like soft fruit jellies, wine gums and sherbet lemons. On the palate now creamy and sweet, a real crowd pleaser, like a crème Anglaise vanilla custard sauce.