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Springbank 10y Old Edition

Springbank 10y Old Edition

€ 4,00Prijs

Springbank 10y

3cl sample


Sherry and Bourbon casks




  • Nose

    The scent of a mountain meadow in spring, plus a fresh fruit salad of tangerines, oranges, pineapple and apples, drizzled with lemon - and then, first in the background, then more and more prominent, salt and pepper, nutmeg, curry spice, oak ... Salt water wetted and slowly drying in the sun pebbles. Fruity-fresh and salty at the same time.
  • Taste

    Immediately are the flowers and the fruits from the nose on the tongue, inviting, tasty. Some lavender and a note that smells of fresh linen on a leash. But salt also comes on the tongue, pepper comes, other spices such as paprika and curry, and there is a nice interplay of sweetness and saltiness / spice. Again appearance of pebbles, mouthwash. Over time cocoa notes, nougat chocolate.
  • Finish

    Medium-long, spicy, salty, fruity, with a hint of smoke.