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Springbank 12y cask strength Old Edition

Springbank 12y cask strength Old Edition

€ 9,00Prijs

Springbank 12y

3cl sample


65% Sherry and 35% Bourbon casks




  • Nose
At the beginning, pleasantly fresh notes of apricots, peaches and tangerines dominate. Over time, the nose is then a bit "heavier" and it comes mild meadow herbs, some salt + pepper and a light peat note added. Everything harmoniously and in a great balance matched. Nothing stands out unpleasantly.
A very nice nose.



  • Taste

Fine peat, dried apricots, sea salt and pepper, dried violets from the past year. Wonderful how all this arrives on the palate at the same time! And yet it quickly succeeds in identifying the individual aromas - without them "falling apart".

Fresh and "airy" at first (even at cask strength), the malt swings after a while on a train of young oak, but it takes along the aromas of the start.


  • Finish
In the long finish, the peat notes, as well as the pepper intensifies. The bright fruits are darker and more mature, Sherrynoten occur.