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Springbank CV

Springbank CV

€ 6,50Prijs

Springbank CV

3cl sample


Sherry casks & Bourbon casks




  • Nose

    Wonderfully mineral right from the start, exactly what you would expect from a spring bench that is not too old. With this "minerality" it may seem rather bulky at first, but it is precisely this note that you don't find too often these days. Boiled apricots, peach juice, crushed oranges. The fruits pair with sea salt and with the mineral note. Very intense nose, penetrating, firm in itself. Espresso beans, nutmeg, yeast dough.
  • Taste

    Creamy-oily and soft start. Malt candy, toffee, whole milk chocolate. Apricots, orange peel. The fruits here on the tongue somewhat more withdrawn. Sea salt, damp pebble, damp wood, a little smoke. Marjoram and thyme, gets dry out the back, but remains fruity for a long time.
  • Finish

    Medium length and increasingly dry. Salt and nutmeg, orange peel, warm apricot jam, hazelnut.