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Springbank Local Barley 10y

Springbank Local Barley 10y

€ 14,00Prijs

Springbank Local Barley 10y

3cl sample


70% Bourbon casks 30% Sherry casks




  • Nose

    Vanilla, sparkling citrus notes, extremely sweet nose, honey, orange marmalade, the mineral salt note is there but subtle with constant flashes, you can feel again and again the very subtle smoke, overall it reminds of the scent of peeling oranges, only that now Vanillekipferl lie next to it, water brings everything together
  • Taste

    Here also vanillig sweet, then comes the freshly peeled orange, the alcohol carries the light smoke in the mouth, the malt has strength, but does not bite locally but spreads very well in the mouth, here too makes him water very round without his strength to destroy
  • Finish

    Slight bitterness, orange peels, more mineral than before, beautiful warmth, an interplay of citrus notes and bitterness stick to the palate, with water here for the third time much rounder