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Springbank Local Barley 9y

Springbank Local Barley 9y

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Springbank Local Barley 9y

3cl sample


80% Bourbon casks 20% Sherry casks




Eye / nose
Bright, pale gold. Rather unspectacular. But the nose, which takes me immediately for the malt. Springer is just different. Absolutely typical scent. Here you notice primarily the aromas of Bourbon barrels. Sweet, light honey, freshly ground cereal, but also oysters and fresh crabs. Quite behave also vanilla and freshly baked brioche knots. Again and again, typical jumping notes such as beeswax or sea aromas in the nose. The LB 09 can not deny its (semi-) island origin and apparently does not want it at all. And the alcohol? Although it is anything but intrusive, if you put your nose too deep into the glass, the cask strength counters with power and aromas, which immediately make you think of Springbank's great new make. Respect and patience are undoubtedly rewarded while enjoying.

The nose is fun, but our hero celebrates the first really big triumph when the malt slowly makes his way towards the palate. The more than voluminous mouthfeel is silky and strong alike. Clear plus. Sensational for such a young malt. The first impression is that of an elegant malt, even if he has to let the 16er predecessor in this category easily precedence. The peat influence is perceived in LB 09 tasted only very subordinate. But the honey from the nose comes back. With ripe yellow plums, or are they juicy nectarines? Class anyway. Smoke and fruit mix with some restrained, slightly oaky notes to a perfectly matched whisky experience. Young and just great, you almost want to say. With the best that I had on 2.5x burned jumpers in this age group so far in the glass.

Finish / Conclusion
Ah ... there comes the smoke, now much more present than on the tongue. Slightly mineral and now indeed undeniably smoky, the LB comes with plums and sweetish elements. Still strong in the finish, slightly 'strawy' it looks in the finish. The much-touted character of the distillery, often referred to as 'farmy & funky', is beautifully released.