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Talisker Distillery only bottling 2016

Talisker Distillery only bottling 2016

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Talisker Distillery only bottling 2016



3cl sample






Nose: typical Talisker nose, slightly smoky, salty vanilla, sea breeze, light fruits, especially grapefruit, interesting sweetness, wild honey and caramel, with forest soil and a few dry pine needles, altogether maybe a bit too young, slightly peppery

Taste: hardly oily, also here you notice the young age, once very little, then peat, fruit and vanilla comes out, almost no oak, furztrocken

Finish: medium length, some peat with salt, lots of caramel, very dry and behind the well-known Chilicatch, who does not catch you as usual

Water: it looks quite thin now, but we try a few drops, he gets a little softer, more wood and some resin

Conclusion: Somehow I had expected more, my last Destillery Only by Talsiker from approx. 2007 I remember as extremely yummy. The nose is delicious, slightly one-dimensional in the mouth and something is missing in the finish. Nevertheless, a delicious whisky, which makes fun just with two or three drops of water and also strikes away to the better days. Maybe a little too young, like so much from this distillery these days. Overall, there are good points, but he is just not outstanding - 87 points